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The Schreiber Public Library along with the Schreiber Rail Museum, Terrace Bay Public Library, and Nipigon Public Library have digitized photographs, text, artifacts, historical information and more!

This project was a partnership with OurOntario and Knowledge Ontario.  Community Digitization Project (CDP) was a large scale digitization project funded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


"Along The Shore Line" is a collection of information from the 3 communities and surrounding areas. Each community also has its own individual collection.


The links for the collections are:

Along the Shore Line

Schreiber Public Library

Schreiber Rail Museum

Terrace Bay Public Library

Nipigon Public Library


As part of this project, the library created two Photo Essays:

Schreiber Memories - An Interview with Edgar Leblanc

Japanese Internment Camp at Schreiber, ON



If you have access to Facebook and are or were a resident of Schreiber, you will be able to access a page called "Schreiber Home Towners".  Many old photographs have been posted by members of the group.

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