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Share your memories and stories with the community!

Community Connections Project will conduct interviews with the seniors of Schreiber to capture the history, culture and heritage of the community by way of video and written material.


The goal of the project is to preserve local history in our community and bridge the gap between seniors and youth through the sharing of stories and experiences.  This will support the social participation of seniors through the preservation of their personal and community stories.


Seniors will be interviewed by family members, youths or anyone they feel comfortable with.  The interviews will be video taped and a biography will be created and given to the senior.  The videos will be digitized and uploaded as part of our local history.


Audio interviews will also be conducted as well as written biographies.


This project will benefit not only the seniors who share their stories about Schreiber but the community as well.   People will be able to access the information through the library's social media network.  Video and information will be posted on the web site and accessible through electronic databases.  Artifacts and photos will also be preserved and accessible through the library.


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This project was possible through the New Horizon's for Seniors Program (NHSP) in 2014.

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